About The Lower 48


Turning a chunk of wood into something useful, beautiful, or new feels amazing. 

We think everyone should have a chance to feel that, but classes or equipment can be out of reach. The Lower 48 was built to welcome more people -- especially more women and people of color -- to the joy of turning wood into beautiful objects.

The Lower 48 is the brainchild of Jolie Karno, a skilled woodturner and accomplished instructor at Techshop in San Francisco and The Crucible in Oakland. She loves teaching, and has introduced scores of people to fine woodworking.

Jolie Karno, Founder + Instructor

Jolie Karno, Founder + Instructor

Why "The Lower 48"?
There are two stacked 48-foot containers at NIMBY. We are in the bottom 48-foot container, so we told visitors to come back to "the lower 48" ... the name stuck.